Background Sound Recorder v2.18

Background Sound Recorder v2.18

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✓ Two recording modes: 1) Microphone recording 2) Phone call recording ✓ Very high maximum sound quality: can be set up to record at 48KHz ✓ Wide choice of optimized sound quality settings: ...Read more >

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Background Sound Recorder / Specifications

  • Price: Paid
  • Publish Date: 10/3/2016 07:42 UTC
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Author: AG38
  • Size: 3.9M
  • Catagory: Tools
  • Latest Version: 2.18
  • Version history: Background Sound Recorder

Background Sound Recorder / Screenshots

Background Sound Recorder v2.18

Background Sound Recorder / Description

✓ Two recording modes: 1) Microphone recording 2) Phone call recording

✓ Very high maximum sound quality: can be set up to record at 48KHz

✓ Wide choice of optimized sound quality settings: from the most efficient to the most detailed

✓ Can record phone calls from the microphone to bypass the Android 6.0 restriction of the VOICE_CALL audio source

✓ Other sound recording apps will not work with other phone call recording apps because on Android, only one app can record something at a particular moment. Thus, it’s best to use one app for calls and microphone recordings. The app will yield the audio subsystem to phone call recording when a call is made, and return to microphone recording when it’s done

✓ Can record while the app is in the background, you can pretend that you aren’t recording anything

✓ Will automatically upload the recorded files to your preferred cloud storage:
++ Google Drive
++ Dropbox
++ FTP

✓ Can offload the recorded files to an SD card

✓ Starts on system reboot, continues recording (if started during the previous run)

✓ Saves space: can be set up to remove the oldest recordings if the total size exceeds a maximum

✓ Can record to the app’s private folder or to the common storage

✓ Record by schedule: time of day, days of the week

✓ No intricate procedures to start and stop recording: just open the app and click the appropriate button

✓ No accidental recording or accidental failure to record!

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Problem: BSR records for a few hours in background, then stops.
Solution: Check your phone's power saving settings. Make sure the BSR app is "protected" and is allowed to work in the background indefinitely.

Problem: BSR doesn't start up when I reboot the phone.
Solution: Make sure that you had started the recording before you turned off the phone. Check if BSR can be found in the list of running apps (Developers' Options) after startup (without clicking the BSR icon). Check your phone's settings for "optimizations" that might block apps from running on startup. Try making the BSR app "protected".

Problem: Very bad sound quality even on highest settings
Solution: Make sure that your microphone is not obscured. Check if a leather or plastic casing of the phone obscures any of its microphones. Record a short audio speaking or knocking to different parts of your phone to find out where the most sensitive microphones are located. If the mic is on the bottom, put the phone up side down in the pocket so that the mic sticks out. Try an external microphone. Try a different phone, more expensive phones tend to have better microphones.

Background Sound Recorder / What's New in v2.18

In 2.17: Persistent Start: will try again if fails to start recording
In 2.16: Bugfixing: clear list, fix incoming phone number on some 2SIM phones
In 2.15: Max folder size checking removed from the main thread. Reduced latency between recordings.
In 2.14: A few bugfixes
In 2.13: Error fix in handling Google Play Services
Version 2!
+ Record phone calls
+ Upload to Dropbox
+ Offload to SD card
+ Sound level monitor
+ Log files
+ Many minor improvements and bugfixes

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