Shark Fishing Joy v0.0.4 Mod

Shark Fishing Joy v0.0.4 Mod

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In 2050 all fish are died in the ocean due to the nuclear disaster. In 2060, the scientists have been renovated clean marine environment, but this time the fish was gone. Now scientists have invented ...Read more >

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Shark Fishing Joy / Specifications

  • Price: Free
  • Publish Date: 7/22/2016 16:19 UTC
  • Requires Android: 2.3.3 and up
  • Author: Uni Art
  • Size: 40.3M
  • Catagory: Board
  • Latest Version: 0.0.4 Mod
  • Version history: Shark Fishing Joy

Shark Fishing Joy / Screenshots

Shark Fishing Joy v0.0.4 Mod

Shark Fishing Joy / Description

In 2050 all fish are died in the ocean due to the nuclear disaster. In 2060, the scientists have been renovated clean marine environment, but this time the fish was gone. Now scientists have invented a time machine to go back to the past to transfer the fish to the future to restore the ocean to live.

In deep sea, there are many kind of fishes living under water in secret place, as a scientists you will find these fishes and shoot them by a flash gun to catch them. You must dive deep into the sea and catch fish to restore the ocean that is you dream in this adventure. In this game you do not fishing by bait or hook you just shoot the fish by flash guns and it will be pulled to the portal to transfer to future. Relaxing with beautiful scenes and lively creatures in the ocean. When you stop catching, these fishes will create a wonders colorful wallpaper as a real aquarium.

Guns System in Shark Fishing Joy to catch fish: There are 11 different type of weapons, each weapon have a different power and explosive , when full energy you can active an extreme ultimate weapon to catch massive fishes, these are two secret amazing weapons which will drop randomly when you shooting the fishes. When you use a bigger gun you will have a higher chance to catch fish.

Daily Gift: Every day you open the game you can receive a reward, you will receive a big reward in 5th day.

Quest System: There are ten kind of quest, catch a number of fish, collect number of gold in a limit time, shot a gun with number time, shot a specify fish

Fishes system: Sweet Jellyfish: Like a hidden objects live under water of lake, Dark Octopus: It just a newborn baby octopus, Wild Ray: With two wide oar it is plying in river, Big Hungry Shark: Look very dangerous but it will not attack or eat anyone, Ninja Turtle: swimming slowly but it live very long time, Lovely Mermaid: She can’t talk or sing but she really a pretty girl no need any make up or dress up. Her hair style is cute like just care in spa salon, and there are many other little bass fishes waiting you

The different between this game with other fishing game is gold will never gone out but you need spend time to farm gold if you want buy powerful weapon. But if you want have a lot of gold instance you can buy more in store. You can call this is a casino game because lucky is the deciding factor in Shark Fishing Joy. If lucky you can catch many live fish in a single shot as a superstars.

This game is like a 3D virtual fish tank combine with 3D visual effect and diversity weapons will let you a lot of fun and happy time when play this evolution game. This joy is match with everyone from kids to adult, man or women.

- This game is not require user or password to play
- Your personal journey data will be saved in memories as a diary of your device it will lost if you change device.

Thank for playing Shark Fishing Joy

Mod List:

1. Gold multiplier (Gold increases quickly)
2. Unlimited Diamonds (Buy Items)

Shark Fishing Joy / What's New in v0.0.4 Mod

- Add new Support Reward system (You will receive random reward when you are playing)
- Add new Lucky Spin (Just a few diamond you can receive a attractive reward)
- Daily Gift now you will receive diamond
- Free Item (See ad video to get free item)
- Free Diamond (Do some easy actions to get free diamond)

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